Sunday, October 10, 2010

Welcome Ruby

Meet Ruby -
the newest member of our family who arrived today.

She's a 12 week old Labrador poodle cross (with more lab than poodle.) She came to Melbourne especially to meet us this afternoon.

Ruby is a special friend to Eliza and they are bonding beautifully.

"Mummy, it's only been 5 minutes and but I love her already!"

We introduced her to our back garden .... so far so good .... with no digging.

She's as cute as a button.


m.e (Cathie) said...

welcome to Ruby! definitely a cutie there.
enjoy the love ♥

Kate said...

She is so cute!
Enjoy this precious puppy stage.

White Dove said...

She looks a beauty! You are such a lucky girl Eliza to have Ruby for your companion. I hope you have a long and happy time together. Lovely pictures xx

Andrea said...

Congratulations on the new addition. She sure is a cutie!

beck said...

Oh she is lovely! And how is the expression on Eliza's face? Priceless. I remember when we finally got a puppy when I was about 11, I was so happy & we became best friends for life. We have a spoodle and she is the sweetest & smartest dog ever, have fun! xo

Running Thread said...

Thank you for your comments. We are sleep deprived after the first night and gearing up again for another night with a puppy - it's like having a new born all over again!!