Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby Love

Don't you love babies toes.
I could eat them!!!
I really could.

And I adore the folds of their skin.

And their prefect little faces.
Look at those gorgeous lashes.
Ahhhh ...... the face of a sleeping baby.

These pictures are of my beautiful niece Georgia.
I've been thinking about babies today because there 's a new little girl in the world.
My friend Caroline is now a mum.
Lindsay Marie has arrived.
I can't wait to meet her and check out her tiny weeny little tootsies.
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White Dove said...

Another blog....and a walk on the same day! Things are sure looking up for you RT. Keep up the good work

Georgia's pics are a delightful memory xx

Annette said...

What a sweet blog post! I'll be thinking about my sweet granddaughter all day now!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Happy Blogtober!!!!