Sunday, June 27, 2010

Needlecraft Gold

I was fossicking in a second hand book shop last weekend and look what I found.
I couldn't believe my luck.
A lovely cloth bound volume on needlecraft, written by Agnes M. Miall.

The book was in pretty good condition. The spine, the binding and the pages were all in tact. Some yellow spots on the pages were the only signs of age.
I couldn't find the date of publication, but I knew the book was fairly old. Possibly the early 60s or late 50s I mused.
When I got home, I googled Agnes M. Miall and discovered she was born in 1892 and this book was one of several she'd written. Complete Needlecraft was published in 1949! On the internet I also found rare book sellers in the UK selling copies of the book for 32 pounds
I'd picked up my copy for a few dollars.
Oh how I love a bargain! Yes I do!!
And the book is fabulous. Filled with every conceivable topic on needlecraft.
And I love the opening remarks from Agnes M. Miall ..... telling readers that this book is not filled with the latest fads and hoping it's been written in such a way that readers will find it useful in 10 years from now.
Job's done Agnes!
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Happy Birthday Georgia

My gorgeous niece Georgia is two.
Such an occasion calls for a cake, so I fished out the 'never fail birthday cake' recipe from the big folder of recipe clippings still waiting to be filed, and Eliza got to it.

Icing the cake is always the best bit (apart from licking the bowl). We love Betty Crocker's vanilla frosting. Add a couple of drops of food colouring and it's the perfect pink for a birthday cake. We cut up some jelly babies to decorate the top.


The birthday girl wasn't phased by all the attention. She knew what to do. The candles went out with one big blow. She even cut the cake.

Happy birthday little one.
It's been a big couple of years and we're so very glad you're in our lives.Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 21, 2010

Wrap Vest WIP

I'm hooked on the hook.
I've been crocheting, crocheting, crocheting in front of the TV for hours over the weekend - occasionally, asking for cups of tea, squares of chocolate and the odd glass of wine .... which James happily provided. He's a good man!

The wrap vest is looking good . The stitches are really even. I've surprised myself .... but I'm starting to get nervous.
I don't think it's big enough.
I've followed the pattern. Truly I have ....
But it seems small and the armholes aren't big enough.

(Breathe ..... it's not wasted effort .....breathe ..... maybe I used the wrong sort of wool? Too thick?? Maybe it will be ok once it's finished ..... breathe some more ..... if not ....... I'll just unravel it and make a scarf or three. Breathe ...... and call for a glass of wine ..... Maybe if it doesn't fit me I could give it to Rosie - my sister in law. Nice idea ..... breathe, breathe. Yeah, nice idea. )
OK - happy again.
Crochet, crochet, crochet.
Can I have two more squares of chocolate darling??

Monday, June 14, 2010

The weekend essentials

We packed the car and headed down to the beach for the long weekend.
'Let's just take the essentials,' I said.
And it was easy.

  • Crock pot
  • Coffee pot
  • Chocolate
  • Cheese
  • Crochet
  • And .... our cat!
A trip to Spotlight on the way meant I had a little project to work on in front of the fire.
I was inspired by Michelle and her pattern at twoandsix.

She's devised a simple pattern and generously posted it on her blog. I made a decent start on the weekend. I didn't take my camera so haven't got any pictures, but I'll rectify that this week. Come back soon and see my progress.

The swap is complete

The wonderful apron swap organised by Sarah at Red Gingham is complete.
My apron for Jenny at Winnibriggs House has finally arrived in the UK, and I'm completely relieved because she loves it!
Jenny told me she was a shabby chic Cath Kidston loving gal, so I tried to sew something she'd be happy to wear.

The fabric is a pathwork of pretty florals, spots and stripes.
I teamed it with some soft pink tape for the ties.
And made some yo-yos to add a little detail.

I am really delighted with how it came together.

And even more delighted because Jenny really loves it.
Check out her blog and see her wearing her apron outside her gorgeous summer house.

Ahhhhh .... all's well with the world.
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lucky, lucky me!

The postie delivered a parcel this week. And whenever a parcel arrives at our house there is high excitement. (Regular readers will know Eliza loves to open parcels - even if they're not addressed to her. )
This time she managed to resist. She was in bed .... but still awake when I trudged home about 9.15pm, after a long day at work (too long!) As I came in to kiss her goodnight she whispered , "I think your apron's here for the swap. There's a parcel from England waiting for you in the kitchen."
And because she showed so much willpower in not opening the parcel .... I let her open it .

There were several gifts inside - one with her name of it!
She was completely delighted and surprised!

And what treasures were revealed as we both unwrapped our presents, sent all the way from the UK.

Jenny from Winnibriggshouse has outdone herself. She posted not one, but two embroidered aprons, some sweet scented hearts for our drawers plus a couple of felt brooches and a lovely card to top it off.

Jenny's sewing is completely perfect!
My gorgeous apron features red and white polka dots and stripes, plus ruby red tomatoes - just like the ones we grew in our garden over summer.

And Eliza's apron is pretty in pink ... with an embroidered pocket - complete with her name. So sweet!

And look at these gorgeous hearts that smell of lavender.

Our aprons are in use already ....
And Eliza is planning a batch of cupcakes this weekend to match the card Jenny sent.

My apron for Jenny is winging its way to the UK. (Fingers crossed that she likes it.)
Thank you Jenny for your gorgeous treasures and your thoughtfulness in including Eliza in the swap too.
And special thanks to Sarah at Red Gingham for organising the apron swap. It's been fun!
Eliza's already asking when the next one is ....
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