Sunday, September 19, 2010

A classic sandcastle

I love building sandcastles.
It takes me right back to being a kid.
I discovered this gorgeous castle on the beach as we walked back to our apartment one afternoon.
Talk about impressive!

Even more impressive was the fact that this sandcastle was built by a group of teens - maybe 15 and 16 year olds, I'm guessing.

They'd spent hours working on it together and were proudly photographing their creation as we trudged up the beach.

I think it looks like something from a story book.

Building a sandcastle transcends age and you can derive just as much pleasure from a sandcastle whether you're 4 or 40 ....

These teens did a great job.

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Beach Bliss

Our holiday at the beach was picture postcard perfect.
Wonderful sunny days for walking, swimming and just basking in the warmth.
Magazines were devoured, so were prawns and plenty of crisp whites (to match the waves!)
Family and friends. Cooking and conversation. Sleeping in and staying up late ....
Ahhhhhhh ....
The perfect recipe for a holiday.

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I heart holidays

We're back from the beach and we loved, loved, loved it!


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Thursday, September 9, 2010

A beachy break

I'm taking a 10 day break beside the seaside, beside the sea.
The first thing I'll do is paint my toes .... then I'm really on holidays!

There will be swimming (between the flags, of course) and long walks on the beach.

We'll make sandcastles and sit in the sun. Buy prawns and drink white wine.

We'll uncoil and unwind and unstress
We'll breathe out .... and in..... and out .....and in ...
We'll laugh and play and revel in family love.
We'll just be ...
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Monday, September 6, 2010

A Woman's Work ....

How lucky am I?
I had a feeling the op shop goddess was smiling down on me when I popped into my local oppy the other day. I came home with a load of treasure which I'll share with you over coming weeks.

Top of the pops .... these two glorious volumes on Home Management, dated 1964.

Now I love a routine as much as the next busy person. Without one, my life would go off the rails. I love lists and I love ticking them off ... and some days when I really need to achieve things, I cross the tasks off the list as well as tick them (I can't imagine what a psychologist would say about this behaviour ...)

But I haven't seen a list quite like this one, designed for a mother with a young baby ....

And this one for special weekly tasks to complement the daily work in the house ...

Thank goodness for Sundays when you are allowed to do the bare minimum!!

You've worked hard all week ... now just sit back and admire that sparkling linoleum in the kitchen! Posted by Picasa