Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lucky, lucky me!

The postie delivered a parcel this week. And whenever a parcel arrives at our house there is high excitement. (Regular readers will know Eliza loves to open parcels - even if they're not addressed to her. )
This time she managed to resist. She was in bed .... but still awake when I trudged home about 9.15pm, after a long day at work (too long!) As I came in to kiss her goodnight she whispered , "I think your apron's here for the swap. There's a parcel from England waiting for you in the kitchen."
And because she showed so much willpower in not opening the parcel .... I let her open it .

There were several gifts inside - one with her name of it!
She was completely delighted and surprised!

And what treasures were revealed as we both unwrapped our presents, sent all the way from the UK.

Jenny from Winnibriggshouse has outdone herself. She posted not one, but two embroidered aprons, some sweet scented hearts for our drawers plus a couple of felt brooches and a lovely card to top it off.

Jenny's sewing is completely perfect!
My gorgeous apron features red and white polka dots and stripes, plus ruby red tomatoes - just like the ones we grew in our garden over summer.

And Eliza's apron is pretty in pink ... with an embroidered pocket - complete with her name. So sweet!

And look at these gorgeous hearts that smell of lavender.

Our aprons are in use already ....
And Eliza is planning a batch of cupcakes this weekend to match the card Jenny sent.

My apron for Jenny is winging its way to the UK. (Fingers crossed that she likes it.)
Thank you Jenny for your gorgeous treasures and your thoughtfulness in including Eliza in the swap too.
And special thanks to Sarah at Red Gingham for organising the apron swap. It's been fun!
Eliza's already asking when the next one is ....
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m.e (Cathie) said...

nice swap!! I am still waiting on mine & anxiously awaiting to see if my swapee likes hers.

thanks so much for popping by!

Little Ted Canvas said...

What a gorgeous package! Everything looks so lovely.

Me said...

i was too scaredy to join in the swap... maybe i should just get over myself and join in next time!!!
Beautiful parcel - what a wondeful swap!!

bubbachenille said...

What a lovely swap. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about Spencer and Rutherford. I succumbed to the lovliness of it all and did some investing !

winnibriggs said...

Hi Jan (and Eliza)
I am so glad you liked your swap parcel. It was great fun to do. And of course I do cheat by having an amazing embroidery machine. I only have to work out or draw the design and the machine does the work. It doesn't quite make things up on its own but it does the hard part.
Hope your work schedule slows down a bit, those are some long hours
Jenny x

CraftySmiles said...

Nice one!!!
And I bet Eliza is happy,my kids as well get very excited when parcels arrive in our place.
Thanks for your comment. It haven't been very sunny since i am back,but i don't mind a bit of a cold breathe too.
Have a good day.

edward and lilly said...

What a great swap!

Christina said...

Great parcel! I would have wanted to open it too. Jenny is a champion. :)

Natasha said...

Just found you via Jenny. I love the 2 aprons she sent and I also love the one you sent to England. What fun!

Have a fabulous weekend,