Sunday, October 17, 2010

For dinner tonight

It's Sunday night and after another busy weekend, dinner will be something easy.
I'm thinking scrambled eggs ...

using these freshly laid, free range eggs - given to me by a friend who's girls oblige with two perfect eggs every day.

So scrambled eggs, with some snipped chives from our garden .... and I'll pick some of our spinach and throw it in the pan for just a minute. I'll shave some parmesan too.

The spinach has been so easy to grow.
We've picked quick a lot already and there's still lots more to eat.

So an easy, tasty dinner on the way. Scrambled eggs and wilted spinach - to be eaten before Junior Masterchef.

What are you having for dinner tonight?

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White Dove said...

Great spinach....doesn't grow well up here. I have to do with chard or the likes. As for dinner last night...a simple chicken stir fry with plenty of ginger, lots of vegs, a dash of sesame,soy and oyster sauces, topped with sliced spring onion and served on steaming noodles...went down well xx

Tracey said...

oh yum! Nothing better than fresh eggs and spinach, hope you enjoyed

Little Miss Pink said...

ohh yummy eggs and spinache
thats what I call 5 STAR!!!