Monday, October 25, 2010

A hat trick

We're in the middle of organising a Melbourne Cup party next Tuesday, at home. Living in Melbourne means we enjoy a public holiday. (Isn't that so Australian where a public holiday is declared for a horse race!)
Anyway, it's a wonderful day to dress up, drink bubbles, eat lovely chicken sandwiches .... and wear a hat.

While I'm still planning what to wear (eeeeekkkk!) , Eliza has got her outfit sorted..... but what to wear on her head?
So, we scooted into Lincraft on the weekend and made a couple of purchases - a headband and some ribbony bits and pieces.
The plan was to put it together with a hot glue gun at home...

But then a lovely young lady approached me as I clutched my ingredients and asked if I knew about the free hat making service in store.
Well um no .... actually.
A few minutes later and the bit and pieces turned into a lovely headpiece for Eliza.

It's simple and lovely and PINK of course.

The trusty hot glue gun did the trick and ta da .....

She loves it.

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White Dove said...

Lovely darling....enjoy! xx