Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blogtober Fest 2010

I've joined Blogtober Fest 2010 , where the idea is to blog every day of October.

It's quite a commitment and I'm not sure how I'll go, but I'll do my best to honour the pledge. However, as a busy working mum, there'll be days when I run out of time, get home at 11pm or am just plain tuckered out. I'm not trying to make excuses before I even begin, just be truthful about the nature of my working week!

Thanks to Tinnie Girl - the brains behind Blogtober and her trusty helper Curly Pops who is managing the logistics of a whole lot of giveaways for Blogtober.

I've never done a giveaway before but I've got something pretty special in mind ... so I hope you'll check back and see what's on offer.
So here's to a month of blogging fun for the festival of the blog!

1 comment:

White Dove said...

Look forward to reading a blog from you each day. Go girl! xx