Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I love a bargain

I'm always on the lookout for vintage cookbooks
and I love a bargain.
So when the two come together, it's a happy, happy day!

I found this copy of the classic Ma Cuisine by the legendary Escoffier in a junk shop when I was on holidays in Queensland. I pounced it on straight away.

There was no price on it so I inquired at the counter ...
Did I hear it correctly? I asked again just to be sure.
Then happily handed over $1 for this little beauty!

I've been leafing through the recipes and I might have to give a couple of the classics a wide berth.

While I love a challenge in the kitchen , boning calf's feet is just a bit too much on a weeknight after a long day at the office. I mean first you have to catch your calf!
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White Dove said...

Luv it....(your sense of humour that is) xx

Little Miss Pink said...

love de book