Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Op shop loveliness

When I visit op shops, I always go with an open mind.
That way you're delightfully surprised when you find something you adore.
Sometimes I'll leave with nothing.
But other times there's so much loot, I struggle to the car.

There are some things I always keep an eye out for:
wooden cotton reels and sewing notions
vintage recipe books
I found some incredible shoes over the years; and

But the cushions have to be the right colour for each project - in this case green.
But it has to be the right shade of green.
I'm after a limey green and a sort of light olive green and an apple green (but not too appley.)

The op shop has supplied all the cushions in my lounge room.
(The greens haven't photographed too well in this shot)

But you can see the colours I'm trying to pick up from the painting.

Total cost for the cushions on the couch - less than $20 for the lot.
Yay me. Yay op shops.

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Vintage Cherubs said...

Don't you just love op shopping! Your cushions look gorgeous. xo