Friday, October 8, 2010

I am ...

I am blogging in bed
I am exhausted on a Friday night
I am home from a lovely restaurant
I am full of snapper stuffed with artichoke
I am so glad it's the weekend
I am getting up early in the morning to watch Eliza play netball
I am definitely going for a walk on the weekend
I am hoping the fairies come to clean and vacuum this weekend
I am praying they do the washing and folding as well
I am looking forward to more spring sunshine
I am thinking about Christmas and what to make
I am wondering if I can sneak in a visit to the op shop, but when?
I am always making lists
I am considering the menu for the week
I am thinking that we're out of bread
I am hopeful of a couple of hours with the hook and wool
I am planning to do some baking
I am weary just thinking about all of this
I am superwoman!
I am going to sleep now
I am in need of a full 8 hrs

Hope you have a lovely weekend too


GeorgyG design said...

A celver post. Hope you got your good night sleep. I am finding now at day 9 of Blogtoberfest I am already running out of energy. Like you am writing lists and just thinking about how much there is to do before Christmas. have you thought about visiting the Finders Keepers Market this weekend in the Docklands? Also thanks for visiting my blog, I noticed you have recently renovated too. G

White Dove said...

Welll that's about par for your course. Thanks for the update in your busy life. Hope you get a little time in all of that to draw a deep breath, relax....and enjoy xx

Running Thread said...

I have
Watched Eliza play netball
Made two trips to the supermarket
Done 4 loads of washing and hung them out
Hand washed some delicates
Made lunch for the family
Baked choc and walnut biscuits
And at 3.48pm sat down for the first time ....
And there's more to come!