Saturday, April 25, 2009

A woolly scarf for a wintery day

The elements aligned for a perfect winter's day.

Cold, wet, windy (check)
Soup for lunch (check)
Footy on the radio (check)

And a couple hours to myself at home to sit and finish my scarf.

I saw an idea at the Stitches and Craft show and thought I'd give it a go - with some modifications because I'm new to crochet and a very basic knitter.

So I kinda worked it out in my head and then knitted long skinny pieces .... and crocheted long skinny pieces (don't you love this technical talk!)

Then I laced them together ... leaving some of the tails free, at either end.

And the result is a warm woolly scarf which I wrapped around my neck and stepped out to enjoy the wintery afternoon.

Do you like it?
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White Dove said...

Do we ever !!!

White Dove said...

Mmmnn....Mothers Day coming up. A scarf would be nice xx