Thursday, April 9, 2009

This is me right now:

Right now I'm
Eating a skinny cow ice cream (it's very hard to type with one hand)
Watching TV with only half an interest - Geelong v Collingwood
Hoping Collingwood wins (does that make me a bad person?)
Sipping hot tea (in between ice cream licks)
Planning a little birthday brunch with my family tomorrow
Wondering if I really look 46 !!!! I don't feel it
Making a list of what I need for brunch
Looking forward to seeing Eliza tomorrow when she gets home from the Gold Coast
Wishing I had an oven that worked so I could warm up some hot cross buns in the morning
Wishing I had an oven that worked so I could bake some hot cross buns in the morning
Reading the Age, now I've sorted out the lapsed subscription
Flicking through Gourmet Traveller
Changing the sheets on the Eliza's bed, so it's all fresh for her when she gets home
Washing, washing, washing
Thinking about doing some knitting
Enjoying Nathan Buckley's commentary. He's a talent - if you don't like Collingwood
Needing to do my personal tax (still)
Praying Gordon Ramsey goes away quietly
Loving that it's the weekend
Totally loving that it's the Easter long weekend
Promising to eat only the best chocolate

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