Sunday, April 5, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

Normally I'm not very happy to bid farewell to daylight savings.
It signals the end of summer,
the end of languid evenings,
late BBQs
and pottering in the garden until the light fades ...

But this weekend I was very happy to wind the clock back an hour.

We were celebrating Kate's 40th birthday into the wee small hours.

It was lovely evening ...
Lots of friends to catch up with,
lots of bubbles to drink,
and lots of conversations
(I just wish I could remember more of them this morning)

I do remember dancing to Barry White at 2.30am.
Oh baby ...
And again OH BABY ... but this time much deeper

Definitely time to leave.

The wonderful thing was, when I got into bed, I could wind the clock back an hour ... which meant it wasn't really 3.30 am after all!

Farewell daylight savings,

happy birthday Kate.

Barry, you still do it for me. xx
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White Dove said...

What a great looking group - none of you look a day over 30? Happy Birthday Kate

beck said...

What a fun night! Glad you got a sleep in x ps gorgeous looking group!

running thread said...

Yes they are a lovely group of gals. We really do have fun together.