Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Status Update

Sitting in the lounge room
Watching the Grand Final of Australia's Got Talent
Ignoring James' sarcastic comments about the 'talent'
Folding washing
Hanging more washing out
Wishing the heating was working
Waiting for our house to be finished
Trying to maintain a positive attitude
Reading Gourmet Traveller
Listening to Radio National
Loving Eliza's made up dance routine
Eating spag bog
Crocheting a scarf
Booking a haircut
Recovering from some more treatment on my neck
Filing a police report on my accident
Obtaining a medial certifical from my Dr
Considering buying a new pillow
Planning to take Friday off
Needing to be do my personal tax (still)
Hoping for a some stimulus from Kevin
Dreaming about a holiday
Cleaning out the fridge
Asking James why he keeps putting bits of food into little containers
Throwing them out after a week
Knowing that I'll do it all over again next week
Kissing Eliza goodnight
Reassuring her about going to the tuckshop on her own
Wondering what outfit I can put together for 'green jellybaby day'
Shaking my head at the stuff we parents have to do!
Thanking the Lord for Spotlight !


White Dove said...

Sounds like just another day in the life of a busy Mum.... or should I say Mom. It does get better, and you'll wonder how you ever did it. xx

GREG said...

I think every woman/mother can relate to that!

our shabby cottage said...

Um, Greg's comment was actually mine - wrong blogger account if your were wondering why a man was commenting like he knew women....

running thread said...

I laughed out loud when I read Greg's comment .. I wanna meet a man like that who can totally relate to a woman!!!!

running thread said...

Still scratching my head about green jellybaby day!!!
What the...??