Thursday, April 16, 2009

Felting along

Can't stop!
I'm madly making a tiny pair of felt slippers for Georgia's christening on Sunday.

I had the usual dramas ...

OMG ... not enough felt
OMG ... I cut the wrong piece out
Memo to self - read the pattern more carefully!

Deep breaths.
In, out ....
In and out
I-n and o-u-t

All OK
A little bit of manoeuvring (thank goodness felt is very forgiving).
I've managed to cut all the pieces from the felt I had, which saves a trip in the morning to the fabric shop ( which I didn't have time to do anyway) ...

Back to work.

Next time I post, fingers crossed there'll be a perfect pair of red slippers for a gorgeous little girl.

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White Dove said...

Loved the little red slippers !