Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shaping Elegance

I saw the Robert Fritzlaff exhibition today at Como House, in South Yarra.
This Melbourne fashion designer made it from Malvern, all the way to the left bank and brought haute couture to Melbourne in the 50s.

The exhibition called Shaping Elegance is a retrospective of some of his extraordinary gowns, displayed sympathetically in the beautiful rooms of Como House. And what a collection has been assembled. The style, simplicity and elegance of the gowns is breathtaking.

And the fabric. Never fussy with embellishment ... but designed to highlight the texture, weave, colour and cut of the material.

From classic cocktail frocks, stylish suits and glamorous evening gowns - the garments are classically beautiful.

The exhibition runs until 14 June.
Go see it.

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