Sunday, April 19, 2009

Before Church

We gathered outside the Church in Autumn sunshine.
It was a beautiful day to christen Georgia, my beautiful niece and god daughter.
There are no pics from inside the Church.
I had important Godmother duties!
I held Georgia for the whole ceremony, stripping her clothes for the baptism, then getting her dressed again in her gorgeous silk christening robe.
Then we were ready to celebrate.


Lah La said...

and what a superb job you did as godmother leading the congregation authoritively in prayer and lovingly caring for little georgia.... i do crying... i know why you were chosen for godmother, we love you, thankyou xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Corrie said...

ohhhh good job! I'm godmother on sunday....a little nervous, still haven't worked out what i'm wearing but can't wait. We're also hosting morning tea afterwards so have 2 days of cooking and cleaning ahead of me

looks lovely!