Sunday, August 15, 2010

Something I whipped up

I'm mad for the hook this winter and in between clusters of trebles for my granny stripe that I'm making for Eliza, I whipped up this scarf for James.
Gotta share the love, you know.
It's a simple pattern made with rows of double crochet.
I started this scarf when we were at the snow for a week but pulled it all out because it was too short. Oh well.
The wool is gorgeous and so soft . The pictures don't do the colour justice, but it's a lovely grey/sea greeny colour which looks very distinguished on my distinguished man.
He's a little bit shy!
The colour tones nicely with that greying stubble don't you think?Posted by Picasa


White Dove said...

Well done to you, Running Thread X

Little Ted Canvas said...

Very nice, I love it & grey is my absolute favourite!

Lillabilly said...

Hello! You have a lovely blog here. I have to say that this scarf IS really distinguished! I love how it's so simple and stylish at the same time - very manly. Makes me want to go whip one up for my man though he's not really a scarf wearer. Perhaps I could change his mind if my scarf turned out as nice as yours!!

Lucy said...

This is so nice! I tried to make a scarf for my chap once, its still on the needles and as it was my first project it is 100% Polyester - not the warmest or nicest to touch! Love this though, a lot more manly than my attempt :)

Leni and Rose said...

Gorgeous, and yes, I love that colour. Hmmm, making me wanna learn how to crochet...