Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hooked on .... stripes

My love affair with the hook continues. I've been totally inspired by Lucy at Attic 24. Her gorgeous granny stripe has got me hooked. So I checked out my stash of wool and thought .... I can do that!

And after seriously hurting my back and neck (by stretching - of all things) I was confined to bed for two days . It was too painful to lie down so I propped myself up on pillows, heated the hot water bottle, threw back the painkillers and got out the hook ....
Lucy's instructions are very straight forward and I quickly got the hang of it after the first couple of rows, which are a bit tricky. Then it's just clusters of treble, clusters of treble, clusters of treble - the rhythm is quite mesmerising (or perhaps that was the painkillers!)

And the wonderful thing about crochet is the progress you make. It's soooo quick. I'm making this granny stripe blankie for Eliza who just loves the colour combination. It will be perfect for her to snuggle in front of TV, take in the car on cold mornings and as an extra cover on her bed.

I love it all ready.

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White Dove said...

Well even with a bad back and neck,it shows how productive you can be. I thought for a moment this must be the scarf you are making for James, but I had my doubts...mmm not quite his colours. But a rug for lucky is she ! Well done Running Thread XX

Attic24 said...

You stripy looks beautiful, and yes totally agree on the mesmerising thing, I really loved that about teh granny stripe.
Lovely visiting with you ♥

Linda said...

oh wow you are sooooo clever your blanket is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! just like your hats, clever clever you I am in awe of crocheters