Sunday, August 8, 2010

Best homework ever!

We've been busy today.
After a couple of days in bed with shocking neck and back pain (voltaren how do I love thee ...)
I was a lot more mobile today and eager to leave the bedroom!
Eliza needed some help with her homework and I was happy to oblige.

The task
Bake a loaf of olive bread.

This is my kind of homework and so much easier than year 5 maths, thankfully.

The homework also consisted of designing a flow chart to demonstrate the steps of baking a loaf of bread. Actually, making the bread was an optional extra, but who I am to stop an enthusiastic masterchef in the making.
Stand back!!

The recipe was an easy one from and of course the steps were already on her flow chart.

She made the dough, and let it rise til it doubled in size. She cut the dough into 2 and added olives and spring onions to one loaf and olives and rosemary from our garden to the other. Into the oven they went for 35 mins.

Mmmm .... the smell of bread baking was toooo good. We couldn't wait to get them from the oven.

Soooo good!

We sliced the bread and ate it warm ....
There's some left for dinner tonight - we'll serve it with homemade soup - and tomorrow Eliza will take the other loaf to school
(that is, of course, if Mum doesn't eat her homework!!)

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White Dove said...

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than baking of life's staples.

What a wonderful project for homework Eliza....and the bread looks delicious (hope it was).

Well done to you my sweetheart...and Dor Dor thinks so too....(and he should know !) xx

winnibriggs said...

They look gorgeous, I can almost smell them from here. Will have to check out that recipe. Hope there is some left to take to school!

Sue said...

Hi and thanks for your comment over at my blog. I'll definitely be back for another look at yours very soon :-)

Polka Dot Daze said...

Yum! I hope my kids come home with homework like that!