Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thrifting Gold

I love trawling through Op shops, I LOVE a bargain and and I heart old recipe books.
Sometimes the planets align and you strike gold on all three levels.

I was in Brisbane a few weeks ago and one hot and humid Saturday I spent a wonderful couple of hours rummaging through a number of op shops and vintage shops in Paddington.

Look what I found!


The Children's Picture Cookbook is classic!
Included are recipes for orangeade, taffy and lemon delicious pudding, ginger snaps and more.
I love the colours and the illustrations.
Probably from the 50's or 60's I'd say ... and in pretty good condition.
A steal at $2...

And I couldn't resist this little paperback. A book of recipes compiled by mothers and friends of the Wangaratta Boy Scots, dated 1963 - the year I was born.

A lot of the recipes have ticks beside them .... obviously well loved family faves like rolled oats fingers, Churchill Slice and savoury mince. The Chow Mein recipe is kitchily retro.
I'm going to try a few out, when we move back to our house and I have an oven that works.

Will probably give the Chow Mein a miss..

It's the best 50c I've spent in a long time...
I mean what else can you buy for so little that gives so much pleasure ... and feed your family as well.

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