Saturday, February 21, 2009

Party Plans

Miss 8 is just about 9. The big day is just two sleeps away. Tomorrow we're celebrating with some little friends.... in quite an old fashioned way.

I asked Eliza what she'd like to do for her birthday this year ... and after some thought (and running through the myriad of party options available these days) .... she said "birthday cake and party games at the park."


So tonight ... after the girls are in bed (Eliza has her cousins Zoe - 6 and Georgia - 7 months here for a sleepover ... which is all part of the party build up )... so after dinner - which reminds me I need to get the risotto started .... so after dinner .... and bathing the girls, and feeding the baby and giving her a bedtime bottle ... and setting up the portacot...... and reading stories ......and ....and .......and ...... (I think I'll be having a little glass of wine somewhere amongst all that) ....
So after the girls are in bed ...

  • I need to wrap the parcel for Pass The Parcel
  • Memo to self - fish the newspaper out of the recycling bin so I can wrap the parcel
  • Write clues for the treasure hunt
  • Gawd ... what's the treasure going to be??
  • Might have to dash to the supermarket for that one!
  • Pack the party bags, which the girls decorated this afternoon
  • Do something creative to pretty up the lunch bags which will have party snacks for the park
  • Cut up crepe paper into streamers to decorate the 'party car' tomorrow... I mean the party girl has gotta travel in style
  • I also need to write one of my famous lists ... so I remember to pack everything we need to take to the park

Gotta dash now! I just checked the list my sister left ... and Georgia's due for a bottle now ...

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