Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A litte bit excited

I'm feeling a shiver (dare I mention that word when we reached another exhausting 33 degrees today) ....
So like I was saying ....
I'm feeling a little wave of excitement.
I'm a signed up member of Brown Owls a crafty group for grown ups offering inspiration and conversation.
I like it already!
I heard about it on one of my favourite super cool blogs Meet Me At Mikes .
The first get together is a meet and greet in Fitzroy later this month.
I'm looking forward to meeting other crafty gals ... and learning lots!
It will be a great way to get some actual time for projects .... at least once a month.
Who knows, I might even finish one or two!
(Darling Georgia, I haven't forgotten about your quilt little one)

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