Sunday, February 15, 2009

A late summer lunch

We celebrated a double family birthday with a late summer lunch. We joined James' parents at Bittern Cottage on the Mornington Peninsular and toasted James and Eliza - father and daughter.

The cottage run by Jenny and Noel Burrows is reminiscent of tiny family restaurants in France where the menu of the day depends on what's in season and fresh from the garden.

Today the late summer menu began with a savoury plate - delightful pickled cherries, homemade terrine, spiced carrot, grilled zucchini and a slice of potato fritata with romesco sauce.

Roasted duck followed with morello cherries and new potatoes and beans.

A serve of salad, then French cheese ...

We finished with a plate of summer ice cream - lemon, strawberry and mango.

A perfect summer feast.

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Tinniegirl said...

Wow. That place sounds just amazing. I'll have to check it out.