Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thrifting Gold

Is there an Op Shop God? If so, she was smiling on me this weekend. In a child free moment (because I was doing the supermarket shopping, which is 'soooooo boring Mummy') I ducked into the retro shop across the road to check out their goodies.
Look what I found!

Successful Dressmaking - The Complete Book of Dressmaking, fully illustrated with step-by step instructions, by Ellen and Marietta Resek.

Well I couldn't leave it on the shelf. Could you??

Again there was no publication date, so good old Google had to help me out. According to the national catalogue this book was written in the 50s, possibly 1956 and published by Colorgrave Publications - the printing arm of the Herald and Weekly Times.

The illustrations are priceless!

I love this picture. She's so pensive looking at the pattern - her lipstick is perfect and she's sitting so ladylike on the floor - with her high heels on. A quick check of what I'm wearing today reveals a more casual style - no high heels, no lipstick .... and a lot of fleece material!!!

Anyway back to the book. The introduction says it's intended to be a guide for dressmakers young and old, who's interest and keeness exceed their practical experience and confidence. Hellooooo ...... that's me!!!!!

The book is divided into three parts - pattern making, making garments, then creating and assembling a dress. And just as the cover promises, there are plenty of step by step illustrations to give me lots of help along the way.

The book itself is in excellent condition.The dust jacket has a bit of wear and tear .... but not too bad really. When I took the dust jacket off to see the hardback cover of the book, what a surprise.

Isn't this illustration gorgeous? A perfect pattern to embroider. Looks like that's my next project .... or one of them anyway.

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White Dove said...

Well that brought back memories....As a Grade 6 student we used a very similar book to the one you found, in our domestic science class. We had to draft the patterns from the book on to brown paper then cut out and sew the garment. Our first project was to make the uniform which we were to wear to this particular class each fortnight, the alternate week being devoted to the art of cookery !! I might add the sewing class stood me in great stead....made all my clothes, even brunch coats and nighties as well as evening wear, and when my two babies came along years later, I sewed for them also..(as you can well attest) xx

White Dove said...

PS.....The cotton reel ,needle and thread reminded me of a blog I read called.....running thread xx

edward and lilly said...

Wow, what a fabulous find!

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

That's a cracker of a book to find. I bought my copy of that book from Ebay. It's such a lovely book and I love the illustrations throughout. The little comical ones at the top of each section. Have fun reading!