Sunday, July 11, 2010

Snow Business

My blog has been a bit lonely this last week or so while our family took a break at the snow.
I'm a keen non skier - the result of growing up in Queensland and coming too late to the white stuff. But James loves to ski and a break at the snow is something he's done since Uni days.
Eliza also skies, so father and daughter have an activity they can do together ... and they love it.

This year, James' brother Nick and his boys Charles and Archie joined us for a family holiday. The snow was a bit sparse - and not great for cross country skiers .... but the nights were well below freezing (-5 overnight) so conditions were perfect for snow making. And for our guys that's all they needed for some downhill adventures.

And me .... it's a week of cooking hearty meals for hungry skiers and grabbing some peace and quiet for a bit of craft back at the lodge.

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White Dove said...

Sounds like you had the break away you needed....and as for Eliza...doesn't she look just so happy to be with her Dad and cousins xx