Sunday, July 18, 2010

Run Melbourne

We're feeling pretty pleased with ourselves (and a little bit superior too). Last Sunday, Eliza and I joined the seething crowd to Run Melbourne.
Well .... 'run' might be overstating it, for me at least.
Eliza can rightfully claim to have run Melbourne. For me it was more like brisk walk Melbourne..
So while others were enjoying a Sunday sleep in and contemplating a cooked breaky, we were limbering up for a quick 5ks on a freezing morning, with rain threatening and an arctic wind that ripped right through us.
We joined other families from our school at the start line ...
Boy was it a long way to the start line!!!

About 17,000 people were at the start line .... that's that red banner in the distance. Squint and you can just see it.

The run was started in waves. Finally it was our turn. The horn blasted, the crowd surged forward and we were off .... The little girls started to run and so did some of the mums. I had nooooo hope of doing that so I chatted the whole way with one of the dads. We figured our job was to bring up the rear. And that worked well.

Here we are at the finish line. Eliza loved getting a cup of powerade around the track. "That's a great service!"she reckons.
I finally caught up with the mums at the finish line.
Special mention to Donna for keeping up with the girls and a big shout out to Niki who ran a PB for the 10k event.
But a 5k walk (as brisk as it was) was enough for me.We made it back home before the rain came down. A hot bath to warm up and then a cup of tea .... and then some crafty loveliness.
Come back soon to see what I made.
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White Dove said...

Well done to my girls...and to Donna & Nikki too

Linda said...

wow you girls are legends!! well done xx can't wait to see the crafty loveliness