Monday, February 22, 2010

Tiny but abundant

Our inner city garden is tiny, but for something the size of a handkerchief, or a couple of hankies tied together, it works mighty hard.
We're getting our garden back in shape after the renovation.
In spite of the tough conditions last year with the lack of rainfall and builder's debris all over them, most of the trees are doing well.
The apricot tree delivered an abundant crop in summer (quickly turned into jam) and our apple tree is fruiting for the first time.

What a perfect piece of fruit. No wonder Eve was tempted.

We've also planted a heap of pumpkin seedlings to help shade the garden from the searing summer sun.

The seedlings have flourished and the vines have gone mad.
We've got sooo many pumpkins, gently nestling in the garden.
But I'm not sure what we're going to do with 12 huge pumpkins come autumn ...

But the fairies who also hide at the bottom of our garden seem delighted.

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