Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cathing Up In Pictures 6

In A Jam

Over summer I got into jam making.
We picked a basket of apricots just before heading to the beach for a week.
I couldn't miss the opportunity to pack a load of bottles and a couple of kilos of sugar as well.
Apricot jam here we come.
My first night in the beach house was spent chopping, stirring and bottling.
The result was perfectly delicious.
And the choice for breakfast every morning was easy.

The next batch of jam was made from plums grown by a lady I work with. Unlike other homegrown plums I've had over the years, these were sweet, juicy and didn't leave your face contorted. I found a recipe for blood plum jam and set to work. The colour was amazing. And the taste ....

I've just been given some cumquats and hope to turn them into jam this weekend. My Dad loves cumquat jam. I'll save him a bottle. xxx

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White Dove said... him a bottle....he'll love it!