Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cumquatty deliciousness

This summer I've been bottling jam and literally enjoying the fruits of my labour.
I've made apricot jam and plum jam and the results have been pretty impressive for a complete beginner (not to mention delicious).
Last week my neighbour dropped in a brown paper bag filled with cumquats.
Ahhh cumquats.
I immediately thought of cumquat jam, my Dad's favourite, but there was some heavy lobbying for cumquats in brandy from another household member!
Nostalgia won out and cumquat jam was the go.
Interestingly I had to halve the cumquats, take the seeds out (they're tiny little things) and soak the fruit overnight.
Maybe other jam makers can tell me if that's the norm. I really don't know.

But that's what the recipe called for.

And I should point out dear reader that yes, that is a chux - a clean one mind you - with the pips in it. Unlike Jane Austin, I didn't have any muslin to hand.

After soaking the fruit, it was the usual procedure of adding sugar and a little bit of lemon juice, simmering until setting point was reached (And I'm getting better at telling this too.)

The end result, beautiful bottles of cumquat jam.
Look at that glorious colour!
It passes the taste test.
And I've got a bottle for my Dad when he visits us at Easter.
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Kristine said...

I love cumquat marmalade. I have had it on my toast for breakfast every day for the last 10 years. I've never tried making it myself though. Yours looks fabulous. I'm very impressed with your endeavours.

White Dove said...

Interesting that you didn't have to slice the cumquats finely....that's what I meant about all the slicing...perhaps it's a chunky variety that you made, although it doesn't look so in the pic... x

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

We had a Cumquat tree when I was growing up and I remember the delicious Cumquat marmalade that we made. Your marmalade looks delicious - wish I still had a supply of cumquats on hand! Like you, I think I will be making more jam this season - it is quite addictive. It is wonderful having all the jars lined up in the pantry:)