Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A week of favourite things

I'm playing along with Pip at Meet Me At Mikes in A Week Of Favourite Things.

One of my favourite things happened today actually.


I woke to the sound of it this morning and it was completely unexpected. We'd all been sent a text message yesterday warning of extreme weather today - hot squally northerly winds and severe fire conditions ... but instead the gentle sound of rain on the roof drew me out of dreamland.
It even smelt like rain .... and it's been months and months since I've enjoyed that particular rainy, gardeny, leafy, earthy smell ...

I opened the front door and just breathed it in.

It was still dark, but I could still see the raindrops were decent ... not that annoying, pissy little stuff that just teases and clears away. But big rainy plop drops ... falling onto the thirsty garden, my dirty car and the parched patch of cornflakes that used to be lawn.

It didn't last long.
Please come back soon!

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