Saturday, March 28, 2009

I LOVE my new shoes

I am totally loving my new shoes.
Nabbed at the Prahran Mission in Chapel St.
I couldn't believe my luck.
French label
My favourite green
My size
SOLD to me !!!!!

Eliza is modeling them. She loves them too.

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beck said...

Thanks for your comment re Charlotte in New York! How funny, I will look for it. By the way, Charlotte is my gorgeous eldest daughter! She will be seventeen this year. Your blog looks lovely, I will pop by again x

White Dove said...

Thought the shoes loked a couple of sizes too large until you said Eliza was wearing them. Things are really going to get serious in a couple of years when she's not only into your shoes, but clothes as well !!

CR said...

Love the shoes - JEL! Now wondering how to get in touch - are you on facebook - or what email address. Finally over GP and discovering there is life outside!

Cheeky Beaks said...

I can see why. I would love them too!