Thursday, March 12, 2009

Status Update

Thanks to Pip at Meet Me At Mikes for this idea:

I am :
Cooking tortellini with white zucchini and tomatoes from our plot
Reading the Age, today's Green Guide and Tuesday's Epicure, plus the junk mail that arrived today
Watching Grey's Anatomy. Just switched over to Q&A. Maxine looks good!
Using my blackberry and loving it
Craving a single piece of dark chocolate with roasted almonds. A cup of tea would be nice too
Going to Bendigo on Saturday to see the British couture exhibition at the gallery before it closes
Needing to do my personal tax
Planning some crafty projects - I'm itching to do some crocheting now the weather's cooler, and dressing up a couple of items I've found while thrifting at the op shops - some applique on an apron for Eliza and some buttons on a gorgeous red scarf for me
Dreaming of moving into our renovated house ..... sigh
Looking forward to the weekend
Thinking of going to bed now

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The Bavintons said...

Busy Girl... What a life !!