Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mail Swap Friends

There'll be some letter writing going on this weekend.
The names of Eliza's mail swap friends arrived today... and she's very excited.
She'll be sending letters and drawings to little people in the UK, Victoria,Tasmania and Germany. She'll pop some stickers in too. Nice and light and easy to post.

The Kids Mail Swap comes from Pigeon Pair.
A great idea!

It reminds me of pen pals I had when I was about Eliza's age. Pen Pals International was the name of the organisation I think. Beautiful postcards would arrive from Germany and Switzerland; and to a little girl growing up in regional Queensland, these far away places looked green and lush and exotic. Even the postcards themselves looked so different - with straight edges, and the colour picture framed in a white border. The stamps always caused comment too. Small square ones as I recall, with black postmarks from distant lands.

I love the idea of kids mail swap .... delightfully old fashioned snail mail might be making a comeback. Beats texting!

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White Dove said...

Great idea, and Eliza will so look forward to the mail arriving xx