Friday, September 28, 2007

Scratchy Undies

I walked with the little girl this afternoon ...

A nice stroll before dinner was what I had in mind .... but I’ve come to the conclusion that 7 year olds don’t walk and they don’t stroll.

She ran ahead .... then hopped.... broke into a skip... stepped it up to jog .....and then back to lapping circles around me, as I pounded up the hill.

“Don’t walk on the lines” she instructed.

“You’ll be sucked down.”

On I walked ....

“It was on the news!” she said dramatically, complete with realistic sucking noises.

As much as we’ve tried to include our daughter in current affairs and the news of the day, I must have been out of the room when the story about people getting sucked into the pavement made the headlines.

It’s TRUE mummy!” she implored.

So as well as saying hello to my fellow walkers, marvelling at the fluorescent pink sunsetand looking out for cars and errant bicycles, I kept looking down to make sure my feet didn’t touch the lines.

On she ran ....a skiperdee, flibbergee, pink stripe, racing ahead.

“Have you got ants in your pants?” I called out, as she streaked on.


“Scratchy undies!”

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