Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mushroom Soup

What to do for dinner ...It's the question we all face after work every night.The girl had an easy early dinner ... but what can I pull together for us?
Ahhhh the mushrooms on the bench - I could do something with those. The boy picked those yesterday. The recent rain has been kind.

I grabbed the latest copy of Delicious - remembering the cover featured mushroom soup. Perfect! Within 30 mins the soup was on the table ... a rich dark concoction. It tasted like the forrest (but in a good way, you understand). I whipped up a salad and slathered some fresh goats curd onto some sourdough toast ... and that was dinner. A glass of wine of course. Bloody delicious it was too!
And I've got to say I'm feeling pretty proud about uploading these pics taken on my new digital camera!

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