Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The very thought of it ...

I love the idea of this space.
A blank screen .... all mine.

No deadlines.
No expectations.

Just me ....and maybe an occasional reader!
Me, me. me... and my bad typing.
and my bad speelling. That wasn't deliberate either!

Don't youe thiung with spell check our spelling universally has gone doen the toilet?
Actually half the problem for me is learning to type on my laptop keyboard. I've resisted them for years. i'm a late adopter. If there's a new gimmick/toy/thingamy on the market. I DON"T have it.

I don't have an i pod.
I don't have a blackberry
I don't have a bluetooth phone
I live in a one tv household
I don't pod cast or or vodcastI
I don't even have an electic toothbrush ...


I don't really see the point.

but I do have a blog .....
and I feel ... oh...... just a little tingle at the thought of it..!


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