Saturday, April 24, 2010

In Rushed Autumn

It's been so long coming and then this morning it came in a rush.

Autumn is finally here.

The poor trees are so confused. We're almost at the end of April and one day last week hit 31 degrees.

We had rain overnight so this morning the garden was lovely and drippy. The leaf litter formed a golden carpet (look closely and you'll see the sheep poo we tossed on the garden last weekend).

The white crepe myrtles we planted last year are giving some lovely colour in the front garden.

So the season has changed as the year hurtles on.

Autumn is here and I'm into my cook books looking for inspiration for quinces, apples, pears and chestnuts. I'll also need to find some exciting things to do with pumpkin .... but more on that later. Posted by Picasa


White Dove said...'s changed since we left.....was that only 6 days ago?

beck said...

Hey I'm so happy you liked your pincushion!! I've been away and just read your post. Love the autumn photo's, especially that last one, just gorgeous! Hope you are snuggled up & keeping warm xo

Tracey said...

what beautiful pictures, I miss the colour change now that I have moved north. Hey, love your background (pop over to my blog for a deja vu moment)

ingrid said...

Yay, it's here at last! Well at your place anyway. Please sned it my way soon.