Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Homemade Pasta

I've always wanted to make my own pasta and today was the day.
  • Bakers flour - check
  • eggs - check
  • recipe - check
  • pasta machine - check (given to me a couple of years ago and never used)
  • and most importantly TIME - check
I made a basic dough using flour and eggs, kneaded it for 5 mins and let it rest for half an hour.
The pasta machine was fun to use. And aside from the handle of the machine dropping on my toe, it was relatively easy going.
The sheets of pasta it produces are silky smooth.

My niece Zoe was a my helper.
She reckons this pasta sheet looks like a big smiley mouth.
She's right.

Once the dough is passed through the machine about 12 times ... we fed it through the cutter to make tagliatelle.

We spread the freshly made pasta on a tea towel to dry.

Tonight, I'm making a chicken and mushroom sauce with fresh thyme from our garden to go with the pasta.
Can't wait to taste it !
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White Dove said...

It was YUM ! xx

Katyha said...

Looks yumm-o. I've always wanted to make my own pasta too.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Home made pasta is delicious - your looks amazing!

Brooke said...

How nice of your niece to help you when cookiing. I would love to have a helper, it makes the whole process much fun. When I travelled to Argentina, I used to cook pasta every day in my buenos aires apartment, but my roommate did not want to help me so it was pretty boring. You guy seemed to have a nice time!