Saturday, January 15, 2011

Home Grown

Our little garden in the inner city is working overtime this summer. We've just picked a basket of white nectarines off our tree which produced exactly zero last year.
I love white nectarines .... and these are a juicy and sweet and fleshy and luscious.
I love the way the juice runs down your arm and drips off your elbow. I've learnt from experience to eat them straight from the tree in the garden, or over the sink.
Last year summer was blisteringly hot and dry. So far, we've had a cool summer and lots of rain so the fruit is about a 4-6 weeks behind.
And there's lots more to come.
We've got a tree full of apricots not yet ripe, the olive trees are laden, our tomatoes are green but looking good, the lime and orange trees have set their fruit and we've got an abundance of apples and crab apples.
I need to check out what to so with crab apples (and what they actually taste like).
We planted the tree a couple of years ago - mostly for the spring blossom, but this year the tree is heavy with fruit so I need to think about what to do with it. I've heard of crab apple jelly ... so I'll see what recipes I can find in my collection or on good old google. What do you serve crab apple jelly with?
So as summer stretches before us, we're looking forward eating our fruit ... and preserving and bottling and making jellies and jams and curds. Posted by Picasa

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White Dove said...

Your fruits look beautiful...well done inner city garden! I'm afraid my garden has gone by the by...too much flooding rain for the plants to cope...only the rosemary and the egg plant bush remain, but the bush is full of blossom. Eggplant jelly? will just go into the many dishes I've managed to discover where I can hide it away and not have HIM say."What's this stuff!" It's amazing just how much HE'S eaten...and never known !