Saturday, May 22, 2010

Once apron a time (part 2)

The swing machine was whirring past midnight last night. I had a small window of opportunity to finish my apron for Jenny as part of the Apron Swap, organised by Sarah at Red Gingham.

Now .... I'm not really a sewer and I didn't have a pattern .... but I love aprons and wear one every time I'm in the kitchen, so I've got a pretty good idea of how they go together.
I took one of my favourite aprons and roughed out a pattern on some of the prettiest shabby chic fabric I could find. Jenny and I have been in touch and she's a shabby chic kinda lady (and quite a sewer by the looks of things!!)

I had enough fabric to make one for Eliza, too. In fact I made Eliza's first to see if I remembered how the sewing machine worked.

It took me quite a while to thread the needle (!) then wind the bobbin ..... then it was time for a cup of tea .... but when I started sewing they both came together very quickly (and without too much swearing).
All I need to do now is to give it a good iron and take some final pictures.

I'll pop my creation in the post next week .... after after it arrives in the UK I'll post some finished pics on the blog.

Hope you like it Jenny.
I think it's turned out beautifully.
Are you allowed to say that about your work??

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White Dove said...

Well done Running Thread.....I've seen it and it looks beautiful X

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Look forward to seeing a photo. Good on you for doing it when you are not such a huge sewer - cool!

PS - Can take some cufflinks to the market next weekend but likely to have most below table (as focus is baby and kids). Anything in particular you wanted me to have with me? Lou

Tracey said...

just finished mine too, looking forward to seeing everyone's creations xx

winnibriggs said...

Hi Jan
Ooooo! I can't wait. Don't care if you're not much of a sewer. It sounds fab and I bet its brilliant,..and yes you can praise your own work... I learned as a child because I had to. Mum a widow had 6 children to bring up and to pay for one to go to a private school for the blind (no help in those days)but I have made some awful boobs in my time!!
Mine to you was posted last Monday so hope it arrives soon and that you are pleased as well.
Jenny xx

m.e (Cathie) said...

well done on finishing! I finished mine aswell & I am a very basic sewer.
was a fun swap but am now anxious to see if my swap partner likes it.