Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lovely Loot from Lou Lou

Eliza and I braved the pram jam at Mathilda's market this morning and made a bee line for Buttons by Lou Lou.
I follow Lou's blog and just love her gorgeous buttons.
I was determined to buy James some cuff links and I knew Lou would have a few sets at the market. They were all delightful so it was a hard decision.
But Eliza chose these.

They'll look great with a white shirt or anything a bit colourful (and James has a wardrobe of colourful shirts.) I know; I've bought most of them.

We made a couple of other purchases, which I'll post on line later and Lou threw in this little surprise.

Are you old enough to remember these Love Heart lollies?
Like everything these days they have a website, but technology aside, they took me straight back to my childhood. I can clearly remember buying these at the Robinson's mixed business in Maryborough in Queensland. I would have been about 10 years old - the same age as Eliza is now.

I immediately opened the packet.
The lollies are smaller this time around, but the messages are still there, just as I remembered .... and the taste. Exactly the same : )
Thanks Lou Lou.
Lovely to meet you.
We love our loot. Posted by Picasa

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Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Really lovely to meet both of you as well. Glad you like your buttons and lollies. I couldn't resist when I saw those little hearts. Thanks so much for visiting and saying 'hi'. Lou xx.