Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cherry ice cream

I've made cherry ice cream
HOME MADE cherry ice cream
With half yoghurt and half cream and morello cherries we picked at Ellisfield farm.

Using my ice cream maker I combined the slurry of cherries with the cream and yoghurt and churned for 20 mins

Then into a container and into the freezer for a couple of hours.
The hot pink colour was amazing.

We served the ice cream in white bowls topped with Persian fairy floss.

What can I say ...
We gobbled the lot without taking a pic!
(it was yum)
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A Melbourne Girl said...

I've been wondering where you get Persian Fairy Floss? Ice cream sounds wonderful...I love cherries!

White Dove said...

I know just how divine this ice cream is made it for us at Christmas.... brilliant picture....makes you want a dish straight away. Yum !

running thread said...

Hi Melbourne Girl
You can buy Persian Fairy Floss at good delis at the Prahran or Queen Vic Market,or supermarkets like Leos at Kew or Piedmonties in North Fitzroy. Anywhere that sells gourmet food and products should be able to help.
Do try some. It leaves that sickly sweet pink stuff for dead!

Beach Vintage said...

Cant blame you, it looks absolutely beautiful and yummie! Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage.

White Dove said...

An Armani the boy does well too when you op shop. Good kuck for the passata tomorrow....Alfredo & Pina will be sniffing around.(just one basil leaf...that's all !) x

White Dove said...

Good LUCK...I meant to say....